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The infallible trick to photographing it with an iPhone

The infallible trick to photographing it with an iPhone

Although ideal in terms of photography would be Have a camera on handThe truth is that not everyone can afford one. However, there is something that the majority of the population possesses It's a smartphoneAnd what to say if it is not an apple brand.

It is possible to use a iPhone Without requiring much knowledge of photography, just a series of tricks are enough to freeze them in time Such events are rare.

Solar eclipse

Getty Images

Darkness and a tripod, the basics of taking photos

Although the eclipse itself will generate darkness, it is also convenient to go somewhere No artificial light circular. In fact, this is important when taking photos You don't have any light bulb nearby It can ruin your image.

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Wanda Albornoz

Another important ally is Keep the camera stableAnd if anything it has been democratized by using phones as cameras She is pregnant. Taking the photo manually is not an option, a stand that supports the phone will give better results.

Sometimes recording is better than taking pictures

Sometimes no strategy is the best strategy, what if instead of taking pictures It's not a good idea to register? This will allow the event to be monitored Record the progress of the eclipse Completely.

Basic thing to get Successful video Not only does this increase the magnification to get the camera view as close as possible; Reduce brightness to minimum. This will allow the lens to only capture the light from the eclipse and not what's around it.

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Solar eclipse.

Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

RAW mode, or ProCamera, is amateur photographers' new best friend

If you own an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro, there is a possibility of making one Images are in RAW modeOr as Apple calls it, ProRAW. It is a format that captures the entire image without compression for higher quality, as well as a better result, even to enable Edit the image later If necessary.

However, in case you are not satisfied with the functionality Original iPhone camera, a camera app that integrates more functions will help in adjusting other parameters. One of the best reviews is “Procamera”, Available in the App Store for €12.99.