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Defensor del Pueblo dice Adán Cáceres solo pide frutas y más tiempo con sus abogados

The ombudsman says that Adán Cáceres is only asking for fruit and more time with his lawyer

The Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, revealed that he had visited the cell where Major General Adan Caceres, the main implicated in the corruption case named Coral, said that he only raised the need to spend more time with his lawyer and the “fruit-related issues of the vitamins case”.

Ulloa said that Caceres is in the same cell with Police Corporal Tanner Fleet Guzmán, who is also involved in the case.

The Ombudsman said he referred the former head of the Presidency’s Military Aide Corps’ request to the new prison model and to the warden of the Ngayo Correction and Rehabilitation Center “for the purposes of improvement.”

But Adán Cáceres Silvestre’s defense attorney responded to the ombudsman’s statements and said they were harming their client rather than helping.

In a press release, lawyers called on Ulloa not to “defend” his client, as he appeared to be ignoring the multiple complaints they had made about the rights of the defendants being violated.

Lawyers Francisco Alvarez, Cristian Martinez and Romer Jimenez have stated that the Ombudsman’s statements, rather than helping his client, harm him, because he appears to support those who were responsible for violating due process against his client.

They noted that they had noticed with amazement and great confusion his public participation and his strange statements regarding the latest complaints that Adan Caceres Silvestre had brought before the Public Prosecution Office.

They urged the official to refrain from continuing in any matter relating to Adán Cáceres Silvestre, “first, because the law itself forbids him to do so, and also because it is impossible to speculate on the nature of the motives which prompted him to turn his back on the complaining citizen and in clear defense of the objecting state.”

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They emphasized, “You will notice that our complaints relate to cases whose investigations fall under the monopoly of the Public Prosecution only, and that the penalties involved, whether administrative and perhaps criminal, fortunately escape their urgent work.”

They emphasized that everyone was aware of complaints of “grave violations of their rights to legitimate defence”.