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The nightmare of the school that won the withdrawal of the Mexican presidential plane |  Globalism

The nightmare of the school that won the withdrawal of the Mexican presidential plane | Globalism

News that will change for the better the life of a small town in Chiapas, in the south of It has become a nightmare for their neighbors.

At least 28 indigenous Tseltal families from Okosingo municipality reported being forced to leave their homes after receiving threats from a criminal group.

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Reason? Refuse to invest the money they got in weapons In the famous draw of the Mexican presidential plane that was held last year, they claimed.

“They say the money is to buy weapons and we don’t agree,” a neighbor’s spokesman told local media during a recent protest.

Calvary, as they define it, began when José Maria Morelos y Pavon’s kindergarten in the city got 4344899 for a tow that was run for the equivalent of the cost of a fancy plane that the president said, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, He’s tried selling without success for years.

On September 15, 2020, his “little piece” won 20 million pesos (about 950,000 US dollars) and the neighbors received the news with great joy.

However, they say that shortly after their victory was announced, they began receiving threats from a local armed group called petals So they can buy weapons with winning prize.


Heavy caliber weapons

In March, the school’s parents began work on improving the building with a portion of the money. As for the rest, they planned to invest in works to improve the city’s living conditions.

But they denounced that the threats escalated in tone, and even to that point One of them was shot of the men sent by the armed group to agree to their demands.

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They claim that the goal of Los Petules is to attack groups of the nearby community and seize hectares of land. When threatened neighbors refused to buy weapons, they claimed gunmen had driven them from their homes.

“We have left our community because of threats from high-caliber firearms,” ​​Melicio Lopez, one of the group’s spokespersons, told BBC Mundo.

According to El Universal, a few days ago, the Zapatista National Liberation Army and the National Front of Struggle for Socialism (FNLS) were accused of attacking their bases in the area.

Complaints to the authorities

The villagers filed a complaint with the Indigenous Public Prosecutor’s Office of Chiapas and the State Government Secretariat, but they confirmed it There was no progress to rectify the situation.

BBC Mundo contacted both institutions and they replied that they were unable to provide information on the case, although the secretariat confirmed it was aware of what happened following the neighborhood complaint.

Residents say threats and attacks are on the rise, forcing at least 28 families to do so last month They had to flee the city to save their lives.

“We’ve lost more than 250 heads of livestock, homes, refrigerators, corn and beans crops, barn animals and have withdrawn our bank card, losing the right to all government benefits,” our neighbor Marcelo Santiz told EFE.

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The Mexican president described the plane as a symbol of government abuse.
The Mexican president described the plane as a symbol of government abuse.

The displaced say that until the group is disarmed, they will not be able to return home. They have been away from their homes for a month in various places in the area and are afraid that they might be found.

For this reason, they asked the Chiapas authorities and President Lopez Obrador, the main promoter of the lottery they had won, and it ended up turning into a nightmare.

lottery problems

Dragging the presidential plane was an idea by Lopez Obrador to get rid of the plane used by his predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto, which his government identified as One of the greatest symbols of luxury and waste of former executives.

However, due to the innumerable obstacles involved in handing over an aircraft of these characteristics to a citizen, it was finally decided to withdraw the equivalent of the aircraft’s current value: 100 prizes of 20 million pesos each.

The end of the Solidarity Draw also gave a lot to talk about. The proceeds from ticket sales were to be used to purchase medical equipment for hospitals, but due to the lower-than-expected sales rate, the government decided to purchase about 1 million tickets for distribution among medical centers.

that by saying, The government spent its own money So that hospitals can choose an award – on the other hand, also with resources from the executive branch – rather than direct that amount to the health sector and not make it dependent on chance.

After a symbolic recall, the Mexican Air Force One continued to incur maintenance costs while waiting to find a buyer, which is difficult due to all the modifications the plane has undergone to include luxury details on the interior.

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