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The next big Atlantic hurricane

The next big Atlantic hurricane

(CNN) – Millions are still trying to recover Hurricane Ida Meteorologists are searching for Hurricane Larry in the Atlantic, which has wreaked havoc from the Gulf Coast of East America to the northeast.

While Ida was building its 1,500-mile extinction path, tropical storm Julian and tropical storm Gate formed and disintegrated last week. But now Hurricane Larry is blowing across the Mid-Atlantic.

On Friday afternoon, Larry Type 1 hurricane blew at 80 mph, located halfway between the Cape Verde Islands and the Leeward Islands, practically in the middle of the Atlantic.

As it moves west-northwest across the Mid-Atlantic, sustained reinforcement is expected, and the truck is forecast to turn into a major hurricane (Type 3 or higher) this weekend.

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“All models generally agree that Larry is going to be a big hurricane [el lunes]“The National Hurricane Center said.

The official forecast is that the truck will be a powerful Type 4 storm with winds of up to 225km / h by Sunday.

“Eye wall replacement cycles are possible, which can cause serious fluctuations that are difficult to predict,” the NHC said.

The truck will not approach the ground with its strong winds, however the NHC warns that “the storm created by the truck is expected to reach Laser Antilles on Sunday.” The center says the storm surge will cause waves that threaten lives and affect current conditions.

Early next week, truck speeds are expected to slow down and turn in a northwesterly direction, and with less favorable conditions, it will begin to weaken slightly.

Long-distance forecast models show Larry continuing to Bermuda and passing east of the island until the end of next week. There is growing disagreement among models over how close the storm will be to Bermuda.

“It’s very quick to determine what impact the truck could have on the island of Bermuda, but there they need to keep track of forecast updates,” the NHC said.