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The new EBAU will be reactivated to enter medicine by 2024

The new EBAU will be reactivated to enter medicine by 2024

Reform made by the Ministry of Education to Transfer form Baccalaureate assessment for university admission (ebau) takes his first step Open for the next session. Although it is still up in the air if students want to study Medicine and nursing During 2024, they will submit to a renewed test, from the ministerial portfolio that they emphasize medical writing The project is restarted.

The government has begun its work and commissioned Technical reports to determine if they can, in the current situation, issue the royal decree What would draw New Aibo model straight ahead. Pilar Alegria herself, Minister of Education and Vocational Training and spokeswoman for the Socialist Workers Party, confirmed on RTVE that on Thursday, in Government meeting with autonomy“And that will be one of the issues they raise.”

The Ministry of Education paralyzed the approval of the royal order because of the electoral progress. At the time, it was made clear from the department managed by Pilar Alegria Not moving forward with the new EBAU process was a ‘responsibility’ of the government’s situation In office and it is “logical” that this royal decree be implemented by the future executive.

Now that the situation seems to be dragging on (Alberto Núñez Fijo faces office on August 26-27 and does not currently have support for his election as head of government), the executive has decided to give the proposal a boost and Do not leave the university entrance examination to thousands of students in limbo.

What will the new EBAU look like for entering medicine

Students setting their sights on a medical degree should know that the new model proposed by the government reformulates the EBAU and proposes fewer exams, in addition to changes in test subjects. Among the developments is the inclusion of a Exercise general maturity It will be worth 75 percent of the note and that It would replace other common subjects tests. In this case, an option will be considered in which there will be texts, images or tables for analysis with a variety of open responses.

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The new ECB is considering a general maturity exercise that would account for 75 per cent of the note

On the other side, 25 percent of the final grade will be the result of a specific compulsory test It is completed in the second year of the baccalaureate which the student will choose based on the method he completed.

Part of the model that will remain the same are the values ​​it will have in the final sum: The high school score will be 60 percent An EBAU result of 40 percent.

The goal of education, which was transferred from the portfolio, is that the new standard brings the system of access to the university closer to the standard “More efficient model and with greater homogeneity” between the autonomous communities.

The EBAU test is for medicine

An EBAU with a greater focus on future studies is one of the requirements that are made by both students and teachers of medicine. For example, is President of the National Conference of Deans of Spanish Medical SchoolsPablo Lara explained to this medium that it was “appropriate” that in addition to access to the university, Specific test to access medicine studies.

The Deans of Medicine considers it “appropriate” to take a specific test to reach this score

The State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) also favored a similar option, arguing that ” Access to medicine should not be limited to the assessment of baccalaureate knowledgebut also Qualities of each person in relation to that future profession“.

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