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They agree to the new curriculum of political science

They agree to the new curriculum of political science

behind. The new political science study plan has been unanimously approved by the UJED Board of Directors.

Claudia Barrientos

Durango Horn

The University of Juarez Board of Directors recently approved the new study plan for the Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Rolando Ramos Navarro, Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FADERyCIPOL), explained that this new study plan consists in the fact that students will be able to have two new final outputs at the end of their studies: Public Administration and Political Adviser.

This modernization of the curriculum map is due to the fact that during Director Rafael Mir Cisneros, Director of FaderyCipol, an attempt was made to restructure the materials so that they are updated with current issues experienced by the community.

He commented, “It’s a project that’s been in the works for two years, before the pandemic, and I made some adjustments to it because the previous cycle of the education model had to be channeled into the new Durango education model.”

He pointed out that the previous study plan had been in effect since 2008 and had not been updated since then, and for this reason a group work was done with all professors in the political science major and training was carried out to prepare it. from himself.

“We want to take it to a large state-owned field of work, such as public administration, and for students to be able to apply it with electives and with professional practices with English levels, as well as with the cross-axes that characterize the new educational model are comprehensive training and entrepreneurship in social responsibility,” he added. .

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Finally, Ramos Navarro noted the importance for students to have six lines of study, such as research and political theories; political communication; economics and public finances; International relations; portability and judgment; Social responsibility and transparency.

Through these lines of study, graduates will be able to gain a much broader panorama of internationalism, accountability and political science research.

Durango Horn