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The mystery of the secret documents Donald Trump took from the White House

The mystery of the secret documents Donald Trump took from the White House

A mountain of papers on his desk. The walls are covered with framed magazine covers and memorabilia of all kinds. A giant Shaquille O’Neal sneaker sits alongside football helmets, boxing belts and other sports paraphernalia scattered throughout the Trump Tower office.

Long before he got into politics, Donald Trump loved collecting things. It’s a lifelong habit, with your carelessness, His tendency to ignore the rules and his messy departure from the White House Refusing to accept their electoral defeat, they led the trial, which posed extraordinary political and legal challenges.

The recent search of documents from his White House years at his Mar-a-Lago home is an unprecedented move against the former president, who is widely expected to run for president again.

Officers They did not disclose what exactly was in the boxes that were taken awayBut the FBI said it had recovered several documents, some of which would pose “exceptionally serious” harm to US interests if released to the public.

Donald Trump’s mansion in Mar-a-Lago. AP photo

Tape them

It is unclear why Trump refused to hand over the documents It was confiscated despite repeated requests. But his tendency to ignore the Presidential Archives Act, which dictates how those archives should be handled, has been well-documented throughout his presidency.

He then tore up the documents to be taped together. Official documents normally deposited with the National Archives were mixed with his personal belongings at the presidential residence. He tweeted confidential information, journalists and opponents could see. It was even found in the White House bathroom.

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John Bolton, Trump’s third national security adviser, said he had heard before his arrival that “there was some anxiety in the air. How did you manage the information?. Over time I realized why.

Documents Seized at Donald Trump's Home  Reuters photo

Documents Seized at Donald Trump’s Home Reuters photo

The decision to take classified documents to Mar-a-Lago, a bustling property that hosts weddings, political events, charity events and other functions, Fits the old pattern of ignoring secrets It may affect national security. Former Trump aides have spoken boldly about classified information.

For example, at a dinner with then-Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the patio at Mar-a-Lago, diners were able to view and photograph documents Trump and Shinzo had seen on North Korean missile tests.

Trump in one instance sent to the Russian authorities Highly classified information from Israeli sources about the Islamic State organization. In another, he tweeted a high-resolution satellite image of an explosion at an Iranian space center that intelligence officials said was highly sensitive. Trump insisted he had a “clear right” to share it.

Canaan dog

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Trump has been reticent about handling classified or sensitive information. “They don’t seem to mind” Reasons why you shouldn’t share.

He recalled an episode involving Conan, an armed forces dog hailed as a hero for his role in an attack that killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Before the dog arrived at the White House, staffers were told they could not photograph the dog because doing so would endanger those who work with him. But Trump decided to show it to the press.

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“He loved the publicity,” Grisham said. “It’s an example of how much he cares about putting lives on the line. He’s like a pretty doll, showing them off to impress his friends.

Bolton said that during his time working for Trump, he and others tried to explain to him what was at stake Risks associated with disclosure of sources and methods.

“I don’t think anyone interested him in that. He didn’t realize how delicate these things are, how dangerous it is for some of our people and the risks it exposes them to,” he said. innocent photo, Could be a goldmine for foreign intelligence”.

“I kept telling him, ‘It’s so soft, so soft.’ He’d say, ‘I know.’ Then he’d go and do it again.”

Bolton said Trump wants to keep sensitive documents.

“Sometimes he asked to hold something and (his collaborators) told him, ‘It’s too soft.’ He stayed with them anyway”.

Trump refused to accept his election defeat The change was confusing. When he finally decided to leave the White House, it wasn’t long before an orderly exit.

Bolton says he doesn’t think Trump took the classified documents for nefarious purposes. He considered them. “Memorabilia”, such as the many things he collected throughout his life.

“He liked certain things and wanted to keep them,” she said.

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