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The most impressive pictures from the sites

The most impressive pictures from the sites

The day has come and this Tuesday, October 18th, is the amazing premiere of queen of the south in TelemundoThe super series that in its third season will keep you on the edge of your seat with shows castle kit And an epic crew that stands out Humberto ZuritaAnd the Kika Edgar s thiago korea.

So get ready to watch all 60 episodes of this story, which featured an impressive production that traveled across five countries in Latin America. Check out the best photos from the sites below.

He also warned, in an interview with Jimmy FallonAnd the Kate del Castillo, who brings back the iconic personal life of Teresa Mendoza, for this new sequel to “La Reina del Sur”The team went “to Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.”

Kate del Castillo is Teresa Mendoza in “La Reina del Sur 3,” a production that included great locations.Telemundo

In this sense, the daughter of a veteran actor Eric del Castillo (who was initially opposed to Kate entering acting) specific:

We went to five different countries. […] If you’re not from Latin America, you’ll know how to make Latin America.”

Kate del Castillo

The hero of the series, whose international cast consists of stars from 20 different countries, said, “And if you are from Latin America, you will feel proud because we will show how great Latin America is.”

Filming “La Reina del Sur 3” in the streets of Latin American cities.Telemundo

About her filming experience at Salar de Uyani, the world’s largest salt flat, located in the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, Kate del Castillo revealed to the cameras ‘today’:

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“There are no words to explain what it is. It’s like 129 kilometers of salt. So, it’s amazing. You don’t even have a reference point.” And about the emotion he felt while recording in this place, he said: “We were going very fast in cars, because you don’t know how fast you are going.”

Kate del Castillo, embodied as Teresa Mendoza, in a recording
Kate del Castillo, embodied as Teresa Mendoza, in the recording “La Reina del Sur 3”.Telemundo

Despite the multiple challenges involved in filming the third season of ‘La Reina del Sur’ during the coronavirus-derived confinement, Kate stated:

“We were in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, during the pandemic, so it was quite a challenge. Telemundo did a great job with all of this.”

It should be noted that “La Reina del Sur 3” has locations in a total of 16 cities in Latin America, so that viewers are transported to legendary locations such as Machu Picchu in Peru, the Teatro Colon in Argentina, Santa Marta in Colombia, as well as Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, among many other great places.

Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) in a scene from Season 3 of
Teresa Mendoza (Kate del Castillo) in a scene from the third season of “La Reina del Sur 3”.Telemundo

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