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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledges the presence of criminal gangs “practicing terrorism” in Santiago de Cuba

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledges the presence of criminal gangs “practicing terrorism” in Santiago de Cuba

During a recent meeting with residents of the Abel Santamaría (Al Salão) neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba, the Ministry of the Interior acknowledged the existence of criminal gangs dedicated to “practicing terrorism” among the population.

The authorities requested a vote of confidence from those affected and issued a warning to criminals.

“Know that you will be severely punished for the actions you have committed. We have learned about the different groups that exist and operate in these places. Know that we know who the members of those groups are that are today hindering order and citizen tranquility, and we will turn to them“, explained MININT officer in a video broadcast by journalist Yosmany Mayeta.

The officer told the neighbors about the presence of gangs carrying knives and intimidating citizens: “I tell you that the Ministry of Interior’s agencies are ready to confront such events that cannot continue to happen.”

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He specifically referred to the case of young David Enrique Perdomo Alvarez, a 26-year-old lineman, who was a member of these gangs. He cut off his right handan incident for which there are already five detainees, according to an Interior Ministry officer.

In the final part of the letter, in which she questioned the ministry's promises, a woman said that her son was attacked last year at her door by two masked men, and denounced that the case had not yet been solved.

“No one came to my house to answer me.”A statement explained that the officer responded by indicating that he was not aware of the incident and that he would respond to him.

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Despite the vote of confidence requested by the ministry, many Santiago residents on social networks questioned the tough promises towards criminals and demanded that it be true.

“They cannot come to an area where there is not just one gang, but several, and promise them confidence that the criminal enterprise will end. When we know that it won't be like that, that everything will stay the same, that everything will stay the same, that.” It will continue like this. They haven't solved the issues that happened, how do they expect people to trust. There is no need to panic,” concluded one of the Cubans in statements compiled by Yosmani Maita.