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The millionaire that Cruz Azul will lose due to mismanagement with FIFA

The millionaire that Cruz Azul will lose due to mismanagement with FIFA

Cruz Azul left thousands of dollars that FIFA was going to pay him for the players he contributed to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, due to the new mismanagement.

Charly Rodriguez is one of the players that Cruz Azul has contributed to the Mexico national team.
© Imago 7Charly Rodriguez is one of the players that Cruz Azul has contributed to the Mexico national team.

entirely austerity timeimposed by the new administration headed by President Victor Manuel Velasquez since his arrival, blue cross He had luxury Let thousands of dollars escape, translated into millions of Mexican pesosdue to mismanagement guidance with the FIFA.

That is, after it was Presence in the Qatar World Cup 2022 With the three elements it belongs today: Carlos Rodriguez and Uriel Antona With the Mexican national team as well Michael Estrada With the representative of Ecuador, and even with three other players who have belonged to him in the past two years, La Máquina received a push from FIFA.

However, according to information from Record journalist Luis Castillo, Cruz Azul had missed his payoutdue to the fact that documentation Wanted by FIFA To be able to receive support as part of your club support programme.


c.As part of the Club Assistance ProgramSince before the start of the World Cup, FIFA announced this It will distribute 209 million dollars Between all teams, for each of the Football players who contributed to the World Cupbut also for Players who scored in the last two yearsthus rewarding them for contributing as well qualifiers.

“They will get this compensation All clubs the player played for in the two years prior to the 2022 FIFA World Cup“, I mentioned the FIFA In an official statement.

FIFA confirmed that he would pay 10 thousand dollarsroughly, for every day that he is Players with their national team during the World Cupno matter how many minutes they play, so the amount each club will receive will depend only on what stage the team that the footballers are in reaches.

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The amounts are as follows:

How much money did Cruz Azul lose to his players?

in this way, blue cross I had insurance to pay group stage For the three players who contributedAnd the Charli Rodriguez, Uriel Antona and Michael EstradaAnd the he is called, $180,000 eachAnd half the amount Three more playersReporter to the year they were recorded on your payroll of the two who referred to FIFAthat would be Luis Romo, Roberto Alvarado, and Orbelin Pineda, because they belong to Machine All the 2021 And today they are part of Triple call.

Thus, after he had two players in the first stage of Globalismbecause both Mexican national team Such as Ecuador national team can not advance to Round of 16The cement team They will get from FIFA a total 810 thousand dollarsEquivalent 16.2 million Mexican pesosHowever, the Heavenly ships They will remain empty.

player register amount
Charlie Rodriguez Stream 180 thousand dollars
Uriel Antona Stream 180 thousand dollars
Michael Estrada Stream 180 thousand dollars
Louis Romo 2021 90 thousand dollars
Robert Alvarado 2021 90 thousand dollars
Orbelin Pineda 2021 90 thousand dollars
the total: 810 thousand dollars

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