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The Miami mayor is considering a run for president

The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez (REUTERS/Marco Bello)

total Presidential election There are surprises. And many times they are big surprises. If anyone had said in 2015 that the real estate mogul and reality TV personality would be the Republican nominee, no one would have believed it. However in 2016 Donald Trump He became president. Likewise Barack Obama He launched himself as an unpronounceable unknown and won the nomination Hillary ClintonHe looked like he was going to put up a nomination.

The race for the 2024 US presidential election, the Republican primary (which will be the only one, it is known that Joe Biden will repeat the formula with Kamala Harris in the Democratic Party) has already begun. For now, former President Donald Trump is in the lead. Nicky Haley, Vivek Ramasamy, Larry Elder, Asa Hutchinson and Tim Scott have already launched their campaigns. Heavyweights like Mike Pence and Chris Christie are expected to announce their nominations soon. And the big public secret expected to come out this week is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has cast himself as a younger version of Donald Trump.

Suárez, 45, is the son of Cuban exiles and the first city-born mayor in Miami city history. Photo with his wife Gloria Suarez

This may interest you: Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez confirmed: “We are the most dynamic city in the world”

But from Florida There is another name that sounds louder every day: Francis SuarezMayor of the city Miami. Stops on call success Miracle Miami One Miami Movement A government scheme that has grown the economy of the City of the Sun so much in three years Financial Times With Miami listed as the nation’s most important city, more and more voices believe Suarez should enter the Republican primary.

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It was first heard publicly George WillA respected conservative columnist who was a prominent author Ronald Reagan. But many followed suit, including several influential journalists from conservative news networks Fox One NewsNation.

Suarez is known for his closeness with the people (EFE).

This may interest you: Ron DeSantis is trying to bolster his bid for the White House with a package of legislation to counter Chinese influence in Florida.

The program recently discussed introducing himself as a front-runner for the presidency Face the nation Of CBS, Suarez confirmed the possibility.

“I am seriously considering it,” he replied to the journalist Margaret Brenner.

Suarez would be an unusual candidate, one of the most frequent favorites of American voters. to find out. If he initiates himself and wins, it will be a first Mayor He made it the presidential candidate of a party. Plus, it will be the first time Latin He could be nominated for the presidency, considering Hispanics are the country’s main minority.

He is considered the father of “Miracle Miami” (EFE/Cristóbal Herrera).

Not only does Suarez think this through, but he does his homework. The mayor has already publicly confirmed on several occasions that the first four states have gone: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. He said he would conduct a “listening tour” to understand what issues voters care about.

If he decides to start, Suarez is only weeks away from making an announcement. Although the first primary will be held in Iowa in January 2024, for someone like Donald Trump who lacks the national name recognition that a person like Donald Trump might have, the first race is necessary. Discussion of pre-candidates which is on 20th August this year.

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To qualify for the debate, any candidate can demonstrate that they have at least 1% voter turnout nationally and have received at least 40,000 donations from different individuals for their campaign. Both things take time.

Everything points to the Republican primaries being the biggest political event of the next year and a half in America.

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Ron DeSantis is trying to bolster his bid for the White House with a package of legislation to counter Chinese influence in Florida.