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The mayor of Huesca reiterates his opposition to dual medical studies

The mayor of Huesca reiterates his opposition to dual medical studies

“I have and continue to oppose authorization of medical studies at St. George’s.” mayor HuescaAnd the Louis Philipat the plenary session of city ​​Council Held this Wednesday, a resolution was approved unanimously PP’s proposal to repeat the application for the full degree of this degree on the Huesca campus subordinate University of ZaragozaOnly the first two courses are taught.

The socialist mayor’s demonstration responded to the direct questioning of the people in prayers and questions (already with the approved proposal). spokeswoman s I wanted to clarify Louis-Philippe’s position on the decision of the private university in the capital of Aragon. The implementation of these studies for the lack of doctors in the autonomous region. This decision, in principle, will have the approval of the President GovernmentAnd the Javier Lampan (PSOE).

Felipe also indicated his opposition to exhausting the possibilities of carrying out full medical studies in Huesca, the PP wanted to start from the mayor toFor the same rejection he showed in 2015 for dual studies Infants and primary education at St. George’s University. “I opposed then, I oppose now, and I say it in plenary and I will say it in the General Study Council of Hisca (which will take place in October) and I will say it before the President of the Government of Aragon,” said the mayor.

In addition, Luis Felipe explained to PP that they had the same commitment to sea ​​cowboyspokesperson for the popular group in Aragonese courts“which does not maintain the same discourse” about the duality of medical studies that already exists in public universities.

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The mayor emphasized that The General Study Board an ‘important tool’ for university studies at Huesca, of which “always have the unanimity of the members of which they have been a part: the city council, Provincial CouncilThe University of Zaragoza and the Government of Aragon. In this regard, he noted that within this body they have taken The big decisions that “the PPP later distanced themselves from”As with the seminar: “Part of the intervention was processed and approved and today it appears to have been an idea from the mayor,” he commented in relation to Popular critics of removals In conjunction with the heritage defense curriculum.