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Teacher Jacqueline Malagon enters the Academy of Sciences

Teacher Jacqueline Malagon enters the Academy of Sciences

Jam Jacqueline Malagon He was invested this Tuesday as the number one member of Academy of Sciences Dominican Republic (Acrd), for his contributions to over 64 years of service in education and society.

At the inauguration ceremony, the former Minister of Education gave her opening speech entitled “A Life in Education in My Country: Results, Achievements, and Disappointments”. On a note shared by Academy of SciencesIt is reported that Malagón raised in his speech the formation of a national movement to change the educational system and stated that the national motto should be “Teach us how to live.”

He stated that education is a public good that belongs to all, and therefore it is a basic and fundamental human right, which all countries are obligated to respect, promote and protect, in order to ensure equal opportunities.

He stated that education required an urgent transformation, with an extraordinary investment of money and teacher training.

“The fact that the Dominican Republic, even as it enjoys a new 4% of funding for 10-year education, has not yet reached the quality that was expected which is evidenced by the results of the district and PISA tests as well as in diagnostic and national tests,” the educator said.

Education budget cut

4% of the GDP of education has almost 10 years of experience, but it did not give the expected results, “We know, but we cannot and should not talk about a 4% reduction.”

He considered it necessary to stop along the way and change the criteria for increasing teachers’ salaries and redirect the focus of need and right to a better salary, to the value of teaching and student learning.

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The educator with the President of the Academy of Sciences and other personalities (external source)

Bilingual education was considered important in Dominican schools, But first, the correct use of the mother tongue must be promotedOrally and in writing.

He thought about the necessity of teaching ethics and morals in educational centers and the inclusion of environmental education.

The event was attended by the two former Ministers of Education, Legia Amada Melo de Cardona and Josefina Pimentel; Members of the ACRD Board of Directors and relatives and friends of the investee company.

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