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The “love” story of Yarelis and Lazaro

The “love” story of Yarelis and Lazaro

It’s a common topic on social networks these days, Lazaro and Yarelis’ “love” story is more than viral. But who are these people? Why was his strange love story broadcast on social networks, a trend in both Cuba and Miami? A story, as always, involves a third party, Racial.

Yarelis’ story is an intriguing plot of love and heartbreak that has captured the attention of the Cuban community in Miami. “After a 12-year relationship with Raciel González, Yarelis broke up and had a romantic experience with bicitaxero Lázaro,” they say from the channel. From Facebook From Miami, Candalo TV.

However, his decision to return to Racial a few weeks later left Lazaro heartbroken, with several messages taking his frustration to social media. This romantic drama has attracted many Cubans and has become an intriguing adventure that arouses interest and conversation on digital platforms,” they add.

Why is Lazaro and Yarelis’ story going viral?

The truth is that there is a lot of arrogance in it, because Cubans make fun of a man begging for a woman’s love online, and the woman leaves him and goes back to her ex-husband Raisel. And so it went viral, always in a mocking tone.

Yarelis, my love, good morning, Mija, please forgive me, I know you went back, you did it again,” reads one of the many messages from Pisidaxero Lazaro.

Why did you do that yarelys? I already found out, we all make mistakes. Yarelis, I know you love me. You are wrapped up with that man, that man doesn’t love you, that man wants to use you. Please give me a chance, I haven’t slept since yesterday, my eyes are dry, please,” he added.

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According to an investigation on social networks, the profile of Lázaro Perez’s friend and a Cuban matching the photos he shared, Jarelis Lugo, was found.

Captivated by the strength of emotions expressed, the audience questions who she is and why she prefers Racial to her ardent admirer. Apparently, the young woman is already clear about her new direction, away from Lazaro, which she revealed in her last Facebook post.