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The Los Angeles Times: Buckley is a man with only one vision, strength

The Los Angeles Times: Buckley is a man with only one vision, strength

Fabio Castillo told the American newspaper, “(Buckley) has a plan to continue ruling for 40 years,” referring to a coup against the judiciary to approve constitutional changes that allow him to remain in power after the period specified by law.

The American newspaper Los Angeles Times, in a report, dealt with the coup against the judiciary that the new legislative council led by the majority of representatives of the ruling Salvadoran party was implemented on May 1, in addition to putting the way in which Neb Bokel is governed in context.

The millennial president of El Salvador is a man with only one vision: powerTitled Press Action published on May 16, 2021. It covers everything from the 39-year-old president’s ability to use social networks to his advantage to the defiant stance he demonstrated in the face of questions he received due to the dismissal and immediate replacement of Constitutional Circuit judges and the attested Attorney General of legislative fractions related Manage them.

The newspaper notes that Buckily continues to maintain high approval ratings for the commitments he has taken upon himself since he began his term two years ago, despite the fact that he “veered toward authoritarianism, attacking the press and civil society and occupying the nation’s legislature. With the forces last year after MPs refused.” Passing a crime-fighting spending bill. “

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But Buckili’s victory in the 2019 presidential elections ended its consolidation in the legislative and municipal elections in February 2021, in which his party won with new ideas and won a majority of seats in Parliament and mayors.

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On May 1, the day the new legislature was sworn in, it mobilized its supporters to oust its critics in the Supreme Court and in the Office of the Attorney General, an illegal seizure that political scientists considered a “self-coup.” American media.

The President of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, takes the oath before the judges of the Constitutional District after removing the legitimate judges. EDH Image / File

The report said the international community rejected and condemned the decision, with the exception of China, which “has become a close friend” and “does not reproach” the Buckili government for its actions.

US lawmakers threatened to cut aid. Many critics have described him as the “millennial dictator”. However, Bukele became even more difficult: “ To the voices asking us to return to the past […]The day after his meeting with the US Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Z ريñiga, he tweeted about the changes we’re making.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Buckley describes himself as a “tool of God” and claims that El Salvador has started a “new story.”

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But what this “new story” will bring to Buckley is uncertain and worrisome for some. Latin America is accustomed to strongmen and demagogues, and yet Buckili seems to be something new: a warlord in the digital age trying to spread his populist politics across the region. A bearded man, dressed in jeans and a backward baseball cap, is an unrepentant rebel and meme everywhere, “the post says.

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Although the president asserts that he has neither a left nor a right-wing ideology, “only new ideas, the name of his political party” to constitutional lawyer Fabio Castillo “is a mystery,” he explained to the center of the northern country.

“I don’t know what kind of country he wants to create,” said Castillo, who resigned from the Buckili government committee studying reforms in the republic’s constitution and did not agree to a coup against the judiciary.

According to analysts consulted by this method, democracy itself will be in jeopardy when Buckley controls two powers. Photo EDH / Efe

“What is clear is that Buckili is hungry for more power,” states the media, referring to Castillo, who indicated that the president had pushed critics of the High Court of Justice out of his way to agree to constitutional changes that would allow him to remain in office. After the five years prescribed in the presidency by law

“He has a plan to continue ruling the country for 40 years,” Castillo told the US newspaper.

The United States is analyzing stocks

According to the report, “If the United States decides that it wants to punish Bokeley for his seizure, it can divert hundreds of millions of dollars in anticipated aid to stop his government’s migration to civil society, or target his appointees with visa sanctions.”

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Additionally, Washington is “watching Bukele, in part because he has ambitions beyond El Salvador. New ideas parties have sprung up in Guatemala and Honduras in recent months, and Buckley has recently brought himself into politics in Honduras by donating COVID-19 vaccines directly to mayors.” Who oppose the president of that country. “

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According to the Times, the newspaper sought the position of Buckley, but the president’s office refused the request for an interview, but added that his deputy, Felix Olua, agreed to the meeting. “Uloa does not have much power in the government; this belongs to the three Buckili brothers, his unofficial but very influential advisers,” as the post states.

The newspaper said that the vice president emphasized that he did not necessarily agree with the tactics of Buckley, which he described as “appalling”, but said that controlling the courts was necessary to avoid obstacles to the president’s agenda.

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