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The IRS is warning its taxpayers about a new refund scam

The IRS is warning its taxpayers about a new refund scam

United States citizens may fall victim to a new scam. This notice was issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The thieves’ new practice involves sending a letter by mail to confirm that taxpayers are eligible for a refund. The letter contains contact information and an unofficial phone number.

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said this example of theft is another form of fraud by identity fraudsters. Mr. Werfel added.

Through this scheme, criminals try to obtain information from people, including driver’s license photos. Another demand of the robbers is the contribution of the mobile phone numbers of the customers.

There is also an effort to collect bank and social security statements. Finally, these criminals put pressure on people to deliver the requested content quickly.

Mistakes thieves make

By getting these items, thieves have the opportunity to get tax refunds. The purpose of loan sharks is to create an intimidation effect because consumers think they will not get their money back unless they hand over their personal documents.

The message of these cheaters arouses suspicion because it contains some inappropriate criteria. The IRS is correcting several errors that were corrected in the thieves’ letter.

In their texts, these fraudsters reveal that the deadline for filing tax returns is October 17 this year. However, the IRS clarifies that the maximum date for filing taxes is October 16, 2023.

Additionally, officials note that there are some taxpayers who have not received tax refunds. These people are entitled to file their taxes after October 16 of the current year. One last point of clarification is that the unclaimed property that thieves claim is not the concern of the IRS.

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