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The International Course in Equine Sports Medicine brings together more than a hundred veterinarians at UCLA

The International Course in Equine Sports Medicine brings together more than a hundred veterinarians at UCLA

More than a hundred veterinarians from all over Spain gathered at the hospital 16th international course in equine sports medicineWhich is celebrated at the University of Cordoba, framed in Kabakor 2023 activity program. The practical course was held last Thursday at the UCO Sports Medicine Center (CEDEME), while on Friday and Saturday the theoretical part was held at the Faculty of Work Sciences.

The course, organized by the Department of Anatomy, Animal Medicine and Surgery, aims to complement and diversify the students’ academic training Facilitate recycling and ongoing training Veterinarians on this matter. It deals with, among other topics, diagnosis, ultrasound techniques or physical therapy and rehabilitation of horses, and involves highly distinguished faculty, including Jean-Marie Denois, international expert In biomechanics and locomotor pathology of horses.

UCO President Manuel Torralbo Rodriguez gave an institutional welcome to the participants and highlighted A ruthless union between Córdoba, the College of Veterinary Medicine and the world of horsesThis course is an example, and has already been integrated into the national training panorama. Alongside him, Rafael Blanco, President of Cordoba Equestre, gave a few words to those present, highlighting Economic and tourism aspects associated with the world of horses Quotes like Cabalcor.

The academic director of the course, Professor José Luis López Rivero, noted that the University of Cordoba, through the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, “It has always occupied a relevant national and European position In teaching and research on the horse. Currently, “thanks to the work of our faculty and the provision of its unique facilities – the Veterinary Clinical Hospital and the Equine Sports Medicine Center – our center continues to focus on Generating knowledge in the field of equine sports medicine. “Many national and foreign students come to our classes every year to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as this specialization specifically attracts them,” he commented.

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Likewise, it announced that there will be no course next year, because from 14 to 16 October 2024, the University of Cordoba will host the course. 5th European Veterinary College Congress of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.