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The inspiring story of Rehan Staten, who worked as a garbage collector and graduated from Harvard

The inspiring story of Rehan Staten, who worked as a garbage collector and graduated from Harvard

Rehan Staton, a young garbage collector The story went viral three years ago when he was admitted to Harvard Law SchoolHe graduated in an emotional ceremony this Thursday.

To applause, Staten received his juris doctorate from Harvard in his cap and gown on the school’s campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Staten’s Story, 27, Considered one of the most inspiring in recent years Because he had to go through everything to get his degree.

Now that he’s graduated from Staten, a new job awaits him at a law firm in New York.

A history of economic hardships did not deter him

Money was tight for much of Staton’s life because His father has to raise him and his older brother. Reggie, as a father after his mother left.

“There was housing insecurity, food insecurity. A lot of times, we didn’t know if we were going to be able to keep our house,” Staten said in an interview with PEOPLE.

Although his father Working up to three jobs at once, the family often couldn’t make a single supply Reliable food or electricity.

Initially, Staton tried to make a professional career in taekwondo or boxing, but a serious shoulder injury prevented him from doing so. After high school, he got a job with his older brother at a garbage and recycling company in Maryland.

Staton attended Bowie State University, just south of Baltimore, and later transferred to the University of Maryland. During this period, He collected garbage in the mornings and went to school in the afternoons. Even a few days is not enough time for him to change his clothes.

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His brother Reggie had to drop out of school to pay for the family after their father had a heart attack.

The sacrifices made by his entire family to encourage him in his studies were well spent: when he graduated from Maryland with an undergraduate class, Five of the nine law schools he applied to accepted him, including Harvard.

Staten said his boss at the Plattsburgh garbage company would let him come back from work to attend class.

When the media learned that he was admitted in 2020, the news went viral Actor Tyler Perry helped pay his tuition. Finance eased their burden.

Stadton created a support system for guards

When Staton arrived at Harvard, he decided to start, making sure to befriend the school’s janitors. A nonprofit called The Reciprocity Effect School support staff should be rewarded.

Raised than $70,000 in donations to employees, including waiters, security guards and electricians.

“I try to pay it back by giving other people their time to shine because I think we all deserve to be appreciated for the work we do,” Staten said.

For the first time, a young Hispanic woman has been elected president of Harvard Law