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El helicóptero Ingenuity realiza su tercer vuelo sobre Marte estableciendo un nuevo récord de distancia y velocidad

The Ingenuity helicopter makes its third flight over Mars, setting a new record for distance and speed


April 26, 2021 01:15 GMT

The drone developed a velocity of about two meters per second and had a distance of about 50 meters.

The Ingenuity small helicopter of the Perseverance Spacecraft made its third test flight over the surface of Mars, covering a distance of nearly 50 meters, developing a velocity of about two meters per second.

Depending At NASAThe drone set a new record by flying faster and farther on April 25 compared to its tests on the ground It rose five meters above the soil of Mars, and reached the same height His second trip.

The drone’s navigation camera has captured a new black and white image of the surface of the Red Planet. NASA has also released a color photo taken from the Tennessee Vehicle that shows the small helicopter in flight.

“Today’s trip was what we had planned so far It was nothing short of amazing. “Through this flight, we are demonstrating critical capabilities that will allow the addition of an air dimension to future missions to Mars,” said Dave Laverie, Creativity Program Scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

The NASA team expects to make the fourth flight of the device in a few days. On Thursday, the helicopter made its second flight on the surface of Mars, which took 51.9 seconds. During its maiden flight, which took place on April 19, it was creativity the flower 3 meters away, he stayed in the air for more than 30 seconds and descended again. The creativity mission is expected to last 31 days.

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