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The hearing in the case of the Puerto Rican brothers held in Mexico has been postponed to Monday

The hearing in the case of the Puerto Rican brothers held in Mexico has been postponed to Monday

The hearing in the case of two Puerto Rican brothers accused of raping a minor under 17 in Mexico has been postponed to Monday, it is reported Saturday. News.

According to the TV outlet, the decision arose due to the alleged blockage of issues that Mexican authorities must first deal with before addressing this specific situation.

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the accusation against Eric NS Luis Zapata It dates back to June 28, when they spent the night in a hotel bar where they were staying in Cancun, Mexico, during their holidays.

After going there, a young woman accused both of them of sexual assault and during the legal proceedings they both had to stay in a prison in that country.

This afternoon the father of both, Luis ZapataHe stated in an interview with Telenoticias that the lawyer representing his children will file an appeal to the Mexican court tomorrow, Sunday, to hold a hearing on Monday.

Look what he said to Telenoticias:

direct | Maribel Meléndez Fontan interviews the father of two Puerto Rican brothers detained in Mexico. Telenoticias awaits 5pm to extend this information.

Posted by Telenoticias PR Saturday 7 August 2021

This is a follow-up hearing to establish what evidence we have and what the attorney general’s office has. There, if the judge decides he’s fine, they dismiss the charges… So far that’s the expectation‘, expressed by that mediator.

Initially, the initial hearing was scheduled for Thursday, August 5, but was also postponed to give the parties time to meet the deadline for providing evidence.

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The family’s attorney, Miguel Rivera, as well as the parents and the defendants have both asserted that they are innocent and have the evidence to prove it.

Likewise, since the incident, the State Department has been in contact with the Mexican authorities and even believes that they will receive fair and impartial treatment from the court.

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