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The functionality everyone has been waiting for is coming to Google Maps – Teach Me About Science

The functionality everyone has been waiting for is coming to Google Maps – Teach Me About Science

Google's new function maps That would leave you surprised.

Google Maps is one of the most innovative and flexible mobile applications on different platforms. It is always at the forefront offering the best tricks to maximize capacity in any aspect, be it science, entertainment or sports, and it turns out to be one app that loves to reinvent itself and grow.

It is constantly updated which is why you may lose track a little. However, today we bring you great news, because the functionality that all Google fans have been waiting for has arrived.

The new Google Maps feature that surprised everyone

This app, which started out as simple maps, is constantly positioning itself and improving its various aspects to become one of the best apps out there. Previously, different functions were included such as traffic, coordinates, sharing location, adding information, notifications, reporting problems in the area and many more qualities or characteristics that made this application unique.

While there are already installed shortcuts like quick searches, this bar has now been expanded with an indispensable tool. He doesn't want to fall behind in the race, as of today he has integrated Widgets About meteorology and air quality in each region, that is, you will be able to learn about your routes and weather news, and it will be very useful for users who spend their time on the road or travel from one place to another.

Weather forecast in the palm of your hand

It has been announced that this new tool will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices. You will have the most relevant news and instant notifications about Weather phenomena From where you are. Likewise, you will be given forecasts about weather conditions, what to do in emergency situations, and especially what to deal with natural phenomena such as hurricanes, storms and other weather changes.

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the Widgets It's interactive, and you'll be able to customize and regulate it from your screen: temperature, wind, humidity, rain, etc.

What is a widget?

In computing, a widget is a small file intended to be a shortcut or easy access to most commonly used functions, usually found on the home screen and usually containing Direct access to pending tasks Or social networks.

Google is proud of the new functionality in its maps.

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