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The first AI functionality has been revealed in the Samsung Galaxy S24

The first AI functionality has been revealed in the Samsung Galaxy S24

A recent leak from SamMobile confirms that the Galaxy S24 will feature an AI-powered function called AI Live Translate Call, thanks to which you can turn your smartphone into a portable translator.

Samsung Gauss is the generative AI model that the Korean company will implement in Galaxy devices, starting with the Galaxy S24

Little by little, different smartphone manufacturers are becoming so Integrating ChatGPT into its various applications and services Thus, after Microsoft launched Bing Chat in its mobile applications and Google did the same with Bard, yesterday within the framework of the Samsung AI Forum 2023 held in Korea, Samsung announced the arrival of Gauss, the generative artificial intelligence that will debut with the Galaxy S24.

Well, now, less than 24 hours after Samsung’s Gauss announcement, a leak has revealed what it will be like. The first feature for Galaxy AI, the AI ​​feature set Which will be available in the new flagships of the Korean company since its launch.

This is everything you need to know about AI Live Translate Call, the first AI function leaked from the Galaxy S24

SamMobile Specialized Media It has just confirmed that the first AI function coming to the future Samsung Galaxy S24 phone through Galaxy AI is AI Live Translate Call, a function that will allow you Turn your terminal into a portable translator.

Therefore, AI Live Translate Call will be integrated with the native One UI mobile app and will be presented to you Real-time voice and text translation. This way, thanks to this AI function, you will be able to Have phone conversations with people who speak a different language than yours Such as, for example, English, French or Chinese.

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This live translation feature only The first Galaxy AI componentsSince the Korean company stated this “This is just a glimpse of what is to come.” And we must “Get ready for a new era of mobile AI”.

Of course, as the Galaxy S24 launch approaches, these problems will disappear Revealing the new AI features that will be part of Galaxy AIbut remember that not all of these features may be free, since some of them, as we recently told you, may only be available through a paid subscription.