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The first account guarantee for Axel Lopez in the United States is over L100 million

The first account guarantee for Axel Lopez in the United States is over L100 million

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

As part of pursuing a well-known case Mobile hospitals, Ordered by U.S. Department of Justice to seize L101,777,602, Which equates to more than four million dollars Accounts of Elmut Medical Systems, Property Axel Gamaliel Lopez Guzman, Along with Marco Pokhran and Alex Moraes, are accused in a tax ban issued before the anti-corruption round.

The petition was released by the Court of Appeal on March 9, 2021, after a formal request by the Ministry of Public Works and after proceedings with international legal assistance, the Washington Court granted the warrant. United States Department of Justice, where the bank is notified to pursue JPMorgan Chase Freezing funds.

If this is recalled, the state of Honduras paid Axel Lopez’s company more than 47 million Its actual cost to purchase the seven mobile hospitals and seven refineries, according to the prosecutor’s office’s invoice, is $ 26 million, with each hospital and its treatment center valued at two million 500 thousand dollars, the actual amount invested by H being about $ 21 million. With the difference in cost, this would be equivalent to more than 500 million Lambrequins.

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The State Department has asked the United States to provide legal assistance in the name of bank account moves Elmut Medical System With the intention of pursuing the goal of those payments made by our country.

The Ministry of Public Administration has reiterated that investigations have shown that it is illegal to purchase, without quality guarantees for compliance, without a fixed installation period and without paying attention to the fee guarantee, so they are working to deduct liability from the accused persons without rejecting the extension.

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On April 8, agents of the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (Attic) were arrested Marco Antonio Pocron and Alex Alberto Moraes Crone When they reported to the Public Ministry for another case related to Invest-H corruption.

What else: Axel Lopez is in the midst of a scandal involving the purchase of hospitals in Honduras

Elmut Medical Systems was selected by Pokron and Invest-H directors to provide mobile hospitals. The company, legally represented by Guatemalan Axel Lopez, sent health centers from Turkey.

Last April, Honduran police officials officially confirmed that Interpol had received a red notice against Axel Lopez, a Guatemalan-born businessman and legal representative of Elmut Medical Systems Inc., against Invest-19 Mobile hospitals.

Although Lopez’s current location is unknown, Honduran lawyers and security officials believe he may be in the United States, a country he frequents and where he resides for his work.