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The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences BUAP promotes the school garden project

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences BUAP promotes the school garden project

Back gardens are traditional production systems where knowledge transfer is an opportunity. Therefore, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and livestock BUAPlocated in the municipality of Teziutlán, has launched a projectThe school gardens In secondary and secondary schools, in order to communicate with the youth of the area.

In this regard, teacher José Méndez Gómez, the administrative coordinator of this college and who is leading this program, reported that school gardens It is already working in at least three enterprises, where these spaces have already been set up for the production of vegetables and strawberries; However, they hope to increase this participation to achieve greater impact in the region.

“What we are looking for is to create a link, especially with secondary schools, to have an approach with young people who are seeking to enter university, so that they get to know us and get to know the training that our faculty offers at the undergraduate level.”

Another goal is to encourage students to have a positive attitude towards farming, so that they learn the process of growing their own food and the effects this has on their health, as well as knowing the importance of preserving the environment.

The program, as pointed out by the academician, proposes in its formation to establish a correlation relationship between these practices and some of the subjects that students take in their high school programs, thus enriching their academic training.

“The establishment of school gardens entails developing other skills, such as teamwork and collaborative organization that they will carry out with their teachers and classmates, because they are ultimately a tool for the teaching and learning process, but will also benefit in forming better habits, food, as well as cultivating self-consumption and concern for the environment.”

In terms of vegetable production, they mainly grow carrots, lettuce, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and radish, among other varieties that grow very well due to the region’s climate. For schools with gardens, it is suggested to plant some fruit bushes, such as blueberries or berrieswhich adapt easily near trees and reach good production in this region.

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The products that will be obtained will contribute to improving the nutrition of young people, but it may also be a practice that is repeated in their homes, in small spaces, in their yards or even in equipped areas on the roof.

In this way, teacher José Méndez invited secondary schools and high schools to come to BUAP’s College of Agricultural and Animal Sciences and participate in this project which is being provided free of charge.

“We want our teachers to visit high schools and promote this field of knowledge through conferences and advice on water management, environmental care, orchard construction and vegetable production, as well as the use of waste in the manufacture of compost and organic fertilizers.