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El fin del mundo previsto por la ESA no tiene nada de catastrófico.

The European Space Agency calculates when the end of the world will be

In recent years, we have had to live with everything, from the epidemic that killed thousands and thousands of people around the world, to some natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, large earthquakes, storms or devastating hurricanes.

This has caused many people to wonder If the end of the world is closer than you think.

on this matter, The European Space Agency (ESA, for its English acronym), has given an answer to this question, attributing much to the subject, nothing more and nothing less than the Sun.

Let us remember that the Sun is a great star around which our planet revolves, so it affects our life and our day very much, sometimes without even realizing it and its importance.

With that in mind, The European Space Agency indicates that the end of the world will only come when the Sun enters a final phase.

On this topic, the space agency explained that at the moment, the Sun is in the main sequence phase, which corresponds to the moment when the activity of the nucleus converts hydrogen into helium, generating brightness and heat, which will not last. forever.

This will continue to happen for about 10,000 or 11,000 million years. That will be when the sun raises its temperature so that it becomes a giant red star; Then the white dwarf star would become completely faint, which would make life on Earth impossible.

On the other hand, the agency stated that The solar system is 4.5 billion years old. So the sun may be, more or less, in the middle of its cycle. As the end approaches, the Sun’s heat will continue to increase, and so will the star’s size, and this will inevitably affect Earth, because rising temperatures will eventually cause water to evaporate until it becomes an uninhabitable planet. For this inevitable end, Scientists estimate that there are about 8 billion years left.

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