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The Dragon Ball anime can continue for at least another 10 years

The Dragon Ball anime can continue for at least another 10 years

dragon ball It is one of the products derived from Japanese manga that has transcended boundaries. Inspired by a novel Wu Qingyin, Journey to the WestHistory tells us journeys Goku, Vegeta And the company, in their desire to become increasingly stronger.

Simple as that, Dragon Ball didn't need more for its sequels and spin-offs, e.g Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and even Dragon Ball GTStay in the hearts of your lovers. Well, there's great news, because it looks like we'll have Dragon Ball for a while, 10 years To be more precise.

Yes good The story ended in 2018 With Chapter 131, the manga has maintained its pace like the movies. At the moment, we don't know if the latest events seen in the manga will be adapted, although we know that in the anime. Dragon Ball Dima Yes, it will arrive 2024.

For those who are not excited about this return, we must tell you that through an interview with the Japanese media Nikkei, akio Ioko, president Tokyo Capsule Company and executive producer of the animeHe confirmed that the series will continue for at least another 10 years, in terms of audio-visual products. And this one said:

“As executive producer of an unprecedented long-running work, my goal is to expand and convey what the original creator, Akira Toriyama, did. “I will be producing new works such as anime series, films and games for the next ten years.”

Likewise, he emphasized Dragon Ball's productivity It will grow in the coming yearsto avoid what always happens with products based on how much– Let them rest for a long time:

“We should not create a situation where manga becomes anime, and when it ends, the content ends up being the same. The ideal situation is for the average viewer to see the content (…) I don't think it's ever good to have a “boom” that builds up and then explodes, which is a factor for content not lasting for long. “

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