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Adamari López enters Univision with a new image

Adamari López enters Univision with a new image

Following his abrupt departure from Telemundo after 11 years as part of that Spanish-language American network, Adamari Lopez He received a standing ovation on Univision this Monday.

Caller She arrived this morning as a guest on the programme Wake up, AmericaWhere he showed that he turned the page and that hearing the name Luis Fonsi no longer bothered him, He even sang his theme I don't give upwhich she said she felt recognized for.

“I don't get tired, I don't give up, I keep moving forward and I have new hopes and this destiny has brought me wonderful things… Every stage of my life has been beautiful, and that has been amazing.” “This is the stage that filled me with hopes, that made me grow, that helped me move forward when I faced illness and that I thank and will always thank for being with me,” Lopez explained.

“It was also a phase that, after a lot of pain, fortunately I overcame it as well, and what we take away, perhaps in the theme of this song, is that we cannot give up on continuing our lives, searching for new illusions and new motivations to move forward and be happy.”he added.

I don't give up It is part of the album Words of silenceWhich the singer launched in 2008 when he was still married to the actress and presenter.

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In addition to his participation in the morning session, Lopez was also surprised by her hair's current look: light blonde with shoulder-length extensions..

Fonsi and Lopez, although both from Puerto Rico, met in Mexico in 2001 and in 2003 they met again in the United States, him promoting an album and her on tour with the TV series. wildcat.

In 2004, they announced their engagement and married on June 3, 2006 in Puerto Rico, in the midst of Lopez's battle against breast cancer.

On November 8, 2009, Lopez and Fonsi sent out a press release announcing their separation, surprising the entertainment world.

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