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The dog that ate $4,000 from its owners  Video

The dog that ate $4,000 from its owners Video

It's the dogs Man's best friend, no doubt. However, in many cases, these life companions, with all their innocence, can cause us some fear that will eventually end in a “tragedy”.

In this case, anyone's worst nightmare happened, namely, after saving $4,000, Puppy A couple Pennsylvaniaby name ClaytonThey get into serious trouble as they decide to eat most of the bills.

The couple recovered $4,000 from their pet

The couple found out after showing their dog, which they describe as a peaceful pet with no “criminal” history. Torn bills On the floor of his house. So, they decided to take action to recover the money.

The video shows how The couple had to wait until the dog returned the moneyThey show how “Lomito” actually returned some pieces of the bill to see if they could recover even a little of what was lost.

From there, both of the creature's “parents” wash the bills with gloves, and while they dry, they begin to glue everything they can. Eventually, the couple points it out They were able to recover $3,550So “getting your hands dirty” and working the hours pays off.


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