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The Dean of Unicordoba and the Governor inspect the work of the new Basic Sciences Laboratory

The Dean of Unicordoba and the Governor inspect the work of the new Basic Sciences Laboratory

the hunt. The Rector of the University of Cordoba, Jairo Miguel Torres Oviedo, and the Governor of Cordoba, Orlando Benitez Mora, They toured the facilities of the new building of the integrated basic science laboratories at the University of Cordoba.

The work consists of five blocks, in which students will put knowledge into action in areas Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which in turn contribute to the research and teaching quality of the department.

Currently, the work is in the final stage and very soon the community The student will be able to make the most of this infrastructure which is funded from his own resources and from the public royalty system.

Rector Torres Oviedo expressed that the alliance with GThe province of Córdoba allows progress in infrastructure works and regional structuring that change lives and define the development of the region.

He pointed out that this modern building comes within the strategic alliances of the University of Cordoba with the government of Cordoba, He stressed that it was the administration of Governor Orlando Benitez Moura that allocated the most resources in the infrastructure work of the corporation.

“Very soon this work will be at the service of students, who will apply theoretical and applied knowledge of science, while promoting scientific attitudes,” University president Torres Oviedo added.

It concluded that another archaeological work would be built with the support of the Cordoba government and public royalty system resources, a large and modern library that will be at the service of the community.

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For his part, Governor Orlando Benitez Mora confirmed that this joint work between the Academy The regional entity seeks to provide better conditions for young people.

“There are more than 5,000 meters built in Integrated Laboratories for Basic Sciences, with an investment of 21 billion pesos, to equip this study center with the latest technology.” Highlights Benitez Moura.

This new building will contain 3 warehouses, 5 biology laboratories, 6 chemistry laboratories, 6 physics laboratories, in addition to a modern substation and a backup power station.

The furniture is modern and compatible with the specifications of this type of laboratory. Integrated laboratories for basic sciences It is located in the main campus of the University of Córdoba in the city of Montería and also has an elevator to facilitate the passage of people with limited mobility.