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The Cuban plane rehabilitated in Russia flies on the Havana-Santiago route for the first time

The Cuban plane rehabilitated in Russia flies on the Havana-Santiago route for the first time

With the Havana-Santiago flight, the Cuban plane made its debut, returning to the island after being rehabilitated in Russia. Just two months ago, that plane landed on Cuban territory, and last Friday it completed its first flight between the country’s two main cities.

The Cuban airline itself announced the good news on its personal page on the social networking site Facebook. “It is an honor to share with you the exciting news regarding the reintegration of TU 204 aircraft into our fleet. Thank you for your continued trust and support!” We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to welcoming you on board our TU 204 flights.”

“Travel with us and enjoy an exceptional journey to every destination!” It called Cubana de Aviación. He, in turn, published a video clip related to the first presentation of the plane.

TU 204 for domestic flights?

This is already a frequent question among users, especially Facebook. Many who read Cubana’s post doubt whether this recently repaired aircraft will be used only for domestic flights.

The main question is that if so much money is spent on its rehabilitation, how will that budget be recovered through domestic flights. The plane returned to the island after barely 200 hours of flight, meaning it was practically new.

Meanwhile, in the Facebook group “Cuban Aviation Fans,” a woman who traveled on the inaugural flight between Havana and Santiago said it was a success.

The TU-204 was out of service for seven years, four of them in Russia, where it underwent extensive maintenance. The plane returned to Cuba last September, and it is estimated that it will not only fly to national destinations. As the weeks go by, you should start visiting other Caribbean destinations.

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