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The Cuban athlete refused the medal, which he won by regulation

The Cuban athlete refused the medal, which he won by regulation

Cuban Lena Perez Recaptured one of my most special moments Central American Games By refusing the bronze medal awarded thanks to the regulations, and ceding it to the Mexican Alejandra Cervanteswhich corresponds to sports.

Why did the Cuban athlete refuse to medal?

Competition regulations provide for this No country can place three athletes on the same podiumSo the fourth place will get the bronze when this situation occurs, although in the case of Perez he considered that the metal did not suit him, so he got rid of it.

Andrea Ibarra and Alejandra Zavala took the first two places in the women’s individual air pistol event, while Cervantes overtook Perez in the fight for third place.

In the end, the three Mexicans retained the medals they won in the competition, thanks to the fair play of the Cuban.

“Whoever made the regulation was not an athlete and if he was, he has already forgotten, for it is unfair that whoever wins it in competition cannot take it home. It has no justification, it’s ridiculous and I don’t know whyAnd if that happened in previous competitions, but well… The medal isn’t mine, it’s hersCuban male.

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