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The Crown's strict strategy to protect Kate Middleton's status

The Crown's strict strategy to protect Kate Middleton's status

Since it appeared that Kate Middleton (42 years old) was admitted to the hospital as a result of having to undergo surgery Abdominal surgeryThere was something that became very clear. Princess of Wales I intended to endure this difficult situation in complete privacy. And from the statement they issued from Buckingham Palace reporting the situation, they have already warned that this is an issue that the affected person wants to deal with discreetly. But inevitably, the comments They didn't stop.

Since he learned of his confession… Rumors about Kate Middleton's health They were consistent. The reason for the surgery, the alleged post-operative complications, or the secrecy with which the family managed the situation were among the most talked about. But far from standing in their way, The Duchess of Cambridge managed to be armored In two completely different aspects but that is the key to being able to live this moment the way you want.

The British royal family is getting closer to Kate Middleton

On the one hand, we should talk about it How the Windsor family closed its ranks in this meaning. There were no family members who made statements in recent days related to this Kate Middleton's health condition. Quite the opposite. Each of them remained in their position, and even those who appeared publicly did not want to provide details about the health condition of Prince William's wife.