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The course Conversations Communicates Science from UNCuyo – Municipality of Malargwe takes place in Malargui

It was developed by the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences and will run through Friday. Entry is free and free.

The Communicate Science thread aims to open the College of Exact and Natural Sciences (FCEN) and publish science during the last week of October. Initially, you will develop various interactive activities revolving around the exact and natural sciences, and then the researcher will share their work in order to approach, communicate and interact in the different topics of study.

These proposals seek to highlight the regional scientific studies of Mendoza
Networks to find out what is being studied, and dialogue with different groups in the community about science and
Educating young people about school duties at the university.

Because of the above, Julia Navarro, a reference for the Thesaurus Convention and Exhibition Center, invited the entire Malaga community, young people, students, teachers, secondary schools,
The three to join the conversations according to the schedule detailed below:

  • Tuesday 25 October
    • 15:00 Open College – Chemistry Profession
    • 4:00 pm. Dara Maria Laura Saljan’s From Rocks to Societies of the Past. Archeology and
      Stone technology in southern Mendoza”.
    • 16.40. Dr. Eva Ailén Peralta. “Everything stays in the bones. The study of human bones is still in the
      archaeological contexts. IDEVEA-CONICET.
    • 17:45 A science snack.
  • Wednesday October 26
    • 15:00 Open College – Biology Career
    • 16:00 MA. Ana Rosa Castaño “Plant management of plant technology arising from phytoremediation in Southern Mendoza.”- CNEA
    • 17:00 science snack
  • Thursday 27 October
    • 15:00 Open College – Mathematics and Physics career
    • 16:00 d. Robin Santos. Physics in everyday life. FCEN – UNCuyo
    • 17:30 Science snack
  • Friday, October 28: Parque del Air Amphitheater
    • 15:00 d. Anna Srour. Trees memory.
    • 16:00 d. Noelia Sileo. Hydrogeology – IANIGLA – CONICET
    • 17:30 A scientific toast
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