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The College of Economic and Administrative Sciences UATx celebrates its fiftieth anniversary

The College of Economic and Administrative Sciences UATx celebrates its fiftieth anniversary

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the School of Administrative Economics of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx), the activities programmed in this framework, starting with the official session of the College Council, as well as such as the awarding of awards to former directors, were inaugurated at a ceremony at the University Cultural Center (CCU).

During the event, which will take place at the 14th International Conference on Research and the 10th International Conference on Student Research, Seraphin Ortiz Ortiz, President of UATx, pointed out that the contemporary history of the entity cannot be told without attendance from the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala and the institution’s own University of Tlaxcala cannot be counted without amplification. The projection, development and honor bestowed upon him by this college.

He stressed that the effort of this field after five decades of its establishment is a model for cooperative work and constitutes a space in which no explosion, controversy or confrontation has been witnessed, and therefore it is an ideal place for institutional life. of university students, in addition to the fact that their educational programs are successful in their field of specialization, both nationally and internationally.

He acknowledged that the procedures that were promoted were characterized by the issue of accreditation, and from here began a path that became the horizon of concentration for this university, coupled with the experience and good behavior of academics, managers and researchers, which adds fruitful work for all. Even to build cutting-edge knowledge, project, connect and influence society through its evolution.

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Meanwhile, Mario Franz Supita Zicua, Director of the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, emphasized that they have been pioneers in the issues that form the pillars of UATx, such as quality and reaccreditation processes, a fact that has allowed throughout these years just over 10,000 graduates have been trained and more than 6,000 have graduated Undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, he confirmed that more than 1,700 students are serving in the four educational programs.

He pointed out that the path and contribution of the previous directors of this college has contributed to the growth and development of this college, so the commitment now will be to promote the goals and objectives defined in the enhanced Institutional Plan for Rapid Improvement (PIMA). By the current administration of the university, so that future graduates will play the role of agents of change that give direction to the state and the national and international environment.

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The prizes were awarded to Hector Vázquez Galicia, José Antonio Rosas Lizama, Facundo Velázquez Paredes, Jose G. Hector Rozas Lizama, Dorotio Nava, Victor Job Paredes Quaquinzi, Virgilio Medellín Viveros, Ernesto Meza Sierra, Ferencía Vázquez, Jorge Zicoa. Similarly, Rosalia Roldán Sanchez, a student of the 1972-1977 generation, had the distinction of being the first BA graduate in Public Accounting and Auditing.

As part of the academic activities, topics such as: “Beneficiary Control”, “Positive Attitude”, “The Importance of Logistics in International Business” and “Production Chains in Magical Cities”, among others will be covered.

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