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They form a forum for legal sciences in Huastica

They form a forum for legal sciences in Huastica

The Escuela Superior de Huejutla Legal Science Forum has started, which will take place over two days and will update the rights of students and lawyers in the area.

The opening was in charge of Huejutla High School’s principal, Mario Figueras Melo, who urged those who make up the university community to keep their readiness constantly.

For his part, spokesman Juan Alberto Magana indicated that these forums should be spaces for dialogue and exchange of ideas for interaction and discussion of the positions of one or more areas of a legal system and the rules for its implementation.

Likewise, he noted that interdisciplinary work should be developed within the framework of scientific and technological research.

He evoked respect and recognition of human rights, as well as engaging in continuous updating: “The celebration of the conference allows professionals to train with a humane sense, and influences the protection of the environment and indigenous communities from a multicultural approach. Decolonizing knowledge in order to effect change,” he said.

He called on the participants to continue to be prepared and humble. “No one knows everything anymore. I invite you to read in and out of class. Being a college student recognizes dignity in law.”

Solomon Hernandez I Hugutla

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