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The central government has warned about fake dollar notes in the United States

The central government has warned about fake dollar notes in the United States

Federal prosecutors in the United States confirmed that a man and woman used a bleach solution to erase ink from real bills. These were $1.00 USD bills which they tried to fake $100.00 USD bills.

In fact, they traveled from North Carolina to West Virginia with two people, including a little one. This is how they spent fake $100.00 USD bills at restaurants and gas stations on October 12th.

As if that wasn’t enough, they stayed at a hotel in Summersville and laundered forty $1.00 USD bills. Then they confirmed the court documents and put them in the microwave.

According to prosecutors’ reports, these men planned to use a printer to make more counterfeit money. For this reason, they kept a printer and scanner inside the hotel room.

In addition, they had “Purple Power” cleaning solution used to whiten bills and other tools needed to make “forgeries.

What is the procedure?

The 32-year-old defendant and the 23-year-old girl confessed to the authorities about their fake procedure. Lenoir citizens said they both laundered $1.00 USD bills and scanned real $100.00 USD bills and printed this image on the laundered bills.

For its part, these citizens pleaded guilty on October 13, as announced by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the Southern District of West Virginia.

Also, the third defendant is scheduled to appear in court on November 9 for a plea hearing.

However, according to the chargesheet, the minor involved in the group’s scheme was not listed as a defendant in the case.

The accused man and woman face up to 5 years in prison, at which time they will be sentenced on January 26. Finally, they may also be ordered to pay a fine of $250,000.00 USD each.

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