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The board says it agrees with the governor’s efforts for medical funds

The board says it agrees with the governor’s efforts for medical funds

The Financial Control Board, in a letter to Congressman Raல்l Krizalva, in the voice of its managing director Natalie Zaresko, promised that this would coincide with efforts to obtain the necessary funding for the medical assistance of Governor Pierre Lourdes Urutia and President Joe Biden.

“The board is working with management and the governor to find the right amount of funding for the population of Puerto Rico. The Board believes that federal funds for the medical assistance program in Puerto Rico should be linked to the minimum size and needs,” the income population, “Joresco said in the letter.

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In the same letter, the official agrees with Krizalwa’s revelations in another message, explaining that the island did not have enough funds to provide medical benefits while trying to provide the necessary funding.

“We hope that Congress will provide full, fair and equitable federal funding for Puerto Rico’s medical system.

In late May, Biden added Puerto Rico to his budget for medical funding, which would mark a relief for the implementation of the island’s flagship project.

Later, in an interview with another media outlet, Jaresco responded that although he acknowledged that the island was receiving fair treatment, he did not believe the government was ready to provide all services that would equate to states.

After this, Krizalva was asked to clarify his revelations, which led to Jaresco sending this letter.

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