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The biggest stupidity in car history?  Add a Gasoline Engine to Your Tesla

The biggest stupidity in car history? Add a Gasoline Engine to Your Tesla

Tired of having to stop to charge Tesla batteries, YouTuber Warped Perception decided to integrate a gasoline engine. (Photo: Alison Diner/Getty Images)

Oh! The electric cars. Very cheap to run, very powerful and above all very quiet. They only have one known weakness that those who drive cars with a combustion engine scoff at: their independence.

Yes, commuting on long trips is quite inconvenientnot so much in Europe, with a higher population density – and therefore less distance between chargers – but in the US, where distances are huge on long trips.

In general, electric car users are satisfied with their purchase, which is It is often the point of no return..

But not all…

Youtube distorted perceptionhis millions of followers are accustomed to making all kinds of changes in any device, and perhaps that is why no one was surprised by what he prepared.

Tired of having to stop to charge his Tesla battery more than he wanted, he couldn’t think of anything else but turning it into a hybrid. How? Integrate the gasoline generator into the top drawer of the trunk.

We know what you’re thinking: this concept is already on the BMW i3 in the REX variant and in the Opel Ampera; In these models, a small combustion generator was activated as soon as the system detected that the battery had reached a low percentage of charge.

Tesla “hybrid” car

These small engines expanded the autonomy of the vehicles somewhat, but they were still solitaire traps: what’s the point of buying an electric car to continue relying on gas stations?

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Well, the protagonist raised this nonsense even more, if possible, by installing a 400 cc engine in the rear, with an external bumper and, in fact, with the entire engine protrusion. In the video in which the feat is shown, you can hear the (unbearable) noise and smoke from it; Big shock to see Tesla contamination…

In this way, Siddiq and Irbid hit the road in full fulfillment of their commitment not to stop loading even once for 2,500 km. Did you make it? The short answer is yes, he has come that far without stopping at any chargers, but wait, because the finer details of this story are the hero, which we detail below.

load, no; stop yes

He did not stop charging at the charging point, but admitted that he was forced to stop for 5 or 6 hours a day to wait for the small motor to charge the massive Tesla battery.

These loads, as we remind you, were under the weight of the scandalous engine, with which there was no real comfort either. Why was it necessary to stop? Because Tesla in the process consumed several kilowatts more than that generated by the engine.

sleepless nights

And the little engine didn’t calm down…and let no one rest. Warbid admits that he was forced to park away from the hotels where he stayed overnight.

This unceasing rhythm led him to “complete exhaustion, to the point that at times he was unable to speak.” Come on, I already missed the company’s supercharger and the silence of the electric car.

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In short, a failed experience, in terms of efficiency and drive, but an enjoyable one, above all, with a high click-attraction element.

You have to remember that this is moving YouTube, this platform is making a lot of money, and Warped lives on that. This is the only way to understand the title of the video: “Wireless Tesla: I drove 2500 km without charging” …

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