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Man wins $1 million in Florida Scratch Off!

A Florida man became an overnight millionaire after buying a $50 scratch card and winning a $1 million prize.

The Florida Lottery announced that Lee Tang, 65, of Keystone Heights, was the lucky winner of the 500X THE CASH Scratch-Off game.

Tang chose to receive a one-time payment of $820,000 instead of receiving annual payments over a period of time. The store where you purchased the ticket, Lee’s Discount Beverage, also benefited from receiving a $2,000 commission from the sale of the winning ticket.

The $50 500X THE CASH Scratch-Off Game is offering a $25 million jackpot, the largest jackpot ever offered for a Scratch-Off in Florida. However, Tang is one of the many lucky ones who have won $1 million in prizes in this game in recent months.

The Florida Lottery has contributed more than $17.69 billion to the Florida Education Trust Fund (EETF) since its inception, thanks to the Scratch-Off and other popular lotteries in the state. With this latest Millionaire Winner, luck seems to be on the side of the Florida Scratch Off players.

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