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The best memes in the duel between the Mexican national team and Saudi Arabia

The best memes in the duel between the Mexican national team and Saudi Arabia

ESPN presents the best images from Mexico’s fight for passage to the Round of 16 at Qatar 2022

The Mexican national team Its interface is similar Kingdom Saudi Arabia In the last call for a ticket to the Round of 16, she was forced to achieve a colossal victory, as well as to wait for the result between the two teams Poland s Argentinaafter obtaining a goalless draw with the two aforementioned teams and a 2-0 defeat in a row, which made them last in Group C in the World Cup. Qatar 2022.

During the first half of the duel, it was Mexican national team He dominated the course of the match, led by Alexis Vega and Henri Martin, who came close to scoring, but went into the locker room without scoring in both matches that took place simultaneously.

In the sequel, Luck leaned in a bit Mexican national teamwe will Argentina record before Poland Thanks to Alexis Mac Allister (46) and later his first fair goal through Henry Martín (47).

To add more emotion to the matches, Luis Chavez scored the second goal in the 52nd minute and Julian Alvarez widened the gap between the Argentines and the Poles at 67 minutes.

As the minutes progressed, Mexican national team I got the ball and Kingdom Saudi Arabia He’s seen his frame permanently threatened on several occasions, however, and a few sneak plays have dried up the national team’s aspirations.

And finally, a censorship, which meant the only Saudi dangerous play against the Mexican goal, capped it with a goal at 90′ + 5, with a triangle in the area signed by Salem Al-Dosari.

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ESPN It presents the best memes created during the emotions presented by the decisive round of matches in Group C of the World Cup Qatar 2022.