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The ball hit by the San Diego Padres hits a silent Oracle Park

The ball hit by the San Diego Padres hits a silent Oracle Park

2024 season Major League Baseball It continued its run on April 5 in 13 different stadiums on the circuit. in it Oracle Park to San Francisco, CaliforniaThe game was no exception San Diego Padres And Giants.

The commitment between the two teams was decided in the bottom of the ninth inning by a hit from the Venezuelan Thiro Estrada When he was mine Matt Chapman in the beginning.

However, the batch is between San Diego Padres And San Francisco Giants Things were exciting from the start due to the early runs by both teams and good shooting by the starters.

by San Diego, Dylan stopped He pitched 6.0 innings of four hits and two runs. while Jordan Hicks He added 7.0 innings on five hits and scored two runs.

Play with silent San Diego Padres and Giants fans

The game lasted until the eighth inning with the score tied twice on each side, at which time the head was on San Francisco Sent to the box Tyler Rogers After the great work you presented Hicks.

Rogersknown for his promotional style “Submarine”That is, Underarm had to face Graham Pauley, Jackson Merrill, and Xander Bogaerts, but the first confrontation was a cause for surprise in Oracle Park.

Polly He only received three shots from RogersAn error, a call-up, and a final pitch, but the situation aroused concern due to the unexpected movement of the right-handed pitcher's pitch. The ball closed on its way to home plate and the batter responded with a swinging swing, but the curve caused the ball to hit the shoulder and bounce straight off of Graham Bowley's helmet.

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The ball effectively avoided his face and he was saved by millimeters from a blow that could have had disastrous consequences. But fortunately for the participants and their well-being, the situation did not worsen.

The match ended with a score of 2×3 in favour San Francisco Giants.