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Embajador de Haití agradece el apoyo dado a su pueblo por el Gobierno dominicano tras el terremoto

The Ambassador of Haiti expresses his appreciation for the support given by the Dominican Government to its people after the earthquake

Haiti’s ambassador to the country, Smith Augustine, expressed his gratitude to Dominican citizens, authorities, and members of the Air Force and Civil Defense, for their support after the earthquake that struck that country last Saturday.

“We are very grateful to the Dominican government for their support again, as in January 2010,” said Augustin.

“They are gestures of solidarity that give a lot of hope to the Haitian Dominican people,” he added.

About the aid required for the country, He indicated that they do not receive food aid or any kind of aid at the embassy, ​​but he clarified that they can be sent to other collection centers.

“The Haitian Embassy has a central team that controls all of this, and initiatives have been taken to support … The assembly center is the Montalvo Center located on Rue Josefa Prie.

Augustin also added that the said foundation, along with other organizations, helps and distributes this aid.

“We are helping and working to maintain order before the food aid arrives,” he said.

Three days of mourning

The Haitian ambassador said, “The Haitian prime minister has taken a decision that there will be a duel for three days.”

In this sense, he reported that the human losses have increased and now there are 1,419 deaths due to the earthquake that struck the southern part of the territory of Haiti.

“Currently, our provisional balance is that this earthquake has killed 1,419 people, injured 6,900, destroyed 37,302 homes, affected more than 65,000 families, and damaged 4 departments in the far south,” the diplomat explained.

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He explained that the human and material losses in the country harmed the Haitian authorities based in the Dominican Republic. “The nation is the family, it hurts us so much,” the ambassador added.