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Trucos para aprovechar al máximo las capacidades del Traductor de Google

Technology – Tricks to make the most of Google Translate’s potential

Google translator It is one of the most widely used free Google products in the world, capable of instant translation of almost words, phrases, and web pages 150 languages Available.

There are many users who come to this service daily to learn more about their surroundings when it comes to a language they don’t know, even though they don’t really know how much information it can provide.

Google Translate currently offers three ways to translate one language into another from the home web page. First, it has a text box where you can either type or paste up to 5000 characters.

It can be simultaneously translated into another language among the approximately 150 languages ​​being combined, a section that includes languages ​​such as Tsonga, Twi, Tamil, Ewe, Krio, Sindhi, Cebuano, Hmong or Oromo, as well as languages ​​with greater number of speakers (English, German, Italian, Danish, etc.).

On the other hand, this service offers Section for attaching documentspowered by Google Cloud Translation, an automated service that translates large amounts of files into many different languages.

Once the document to be translated is loaded, this program will convert it to the selected language and create another document in the same format, but with the already translated text.

Finally, Google Translator offers the ability to paste the link of a particular web page into your browser. Once you choose the language you want to translate this site into, a new tab opens with that page in the chosen language.

Translator also for “smartphones”

In addition to these basic functions included in its web page, the translator can be downloaded in the format chrome extension To translate a website directly or in a format The app for iOS and Android.

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A function called ‘Transcribe’ has been integrated into its version for ‘smartphones’. Translate any conversation at onceWithout having to type the text to be translated manually.

This is a feature that detects the voice of the interlocutor and is unknown to a part of the users of this Google service, who can attend a conversation without losing any details.

In addition, the translator is integrated into the Google Lens mobile app, which gives users the ability to Capture information with the camera The back of the Smartphone has access to various possibilities. Among them, translation.

This way, you can take a picture of a poster or restaurant menu, among other examples, and translate what it says in just a few seconds and without having to type it into the translator itself.

This feature also works by attaching a photo from the gallery or swiping the device in front of the text you want to translate so that the system detects that it’s typing, without having to pick it up.

Finally, Google Translate is considering an option Play offline Bearing in mind that many users may request their services in countries where their phone company may increase their mobile data rate.

In this sense, Google informs that in order to translate any language without the Internet and in any part of the world, it is only necessary to download the said language while there is a connection and store this information on the device for offline use.