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Technology Glossary: ​​What Computer Science Means

Technology Glossary: ​​What Computer Science Means

Technology is very useful in daily activities. (information)

the technology It's done necessary to carry out activities In different fields, it is therefore also important to know more terms that can help protect minors exposed to social networks, avoid or recognize hacker attacks, among other things.

As technology becomes essential for work, entertainment, school, and staying in touch with friends and family, it is also essential to know what DDoS, grooming, and swarming are, among other things. Technological terminology.

By gaining more knowledge you can Be more prepared In the face of any adversity and teach others, especially children and the elderly, to behave and be confident when using devices or connecting to the Internet.

Technology is very useful in daily activities. (picture information)

Computer science is the discipline responsible for the theoretical foundations of computing and information. Its application is included in computer systems as well.

This type of science relies heavily on theoretical foundations, and benefits from them to obtain a computational approach.

In general, it is known that the first look at what computer science is before the advent of the digital computer.

In this way, the basis for the creation of this science was the lack of knowledge of things made by humans that can be calculated.

The people who originally developed this science did so with simple mathematical calculations. Thus, the term computer was gradually attributed to the machines that did the said work.

In continuation of the above, it can be noted that this field has achieved many important achievements within the technological field.

  • Consolidating the concept of programming language.
  • The concept of computing has also been formalized.
  • He was able to prove that there are problems for which computing cannot provide a solution (stop the problem or stop the problem).
  • There have also been additions that have become important technologies: the Internet, e-commerce, digital signatures, and others.
  • In conclusion, we must mention the development of new fields that rely on computing as a basis: computational physics, computational chemistry, and computational biology.
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Being such a large and broad area, there are a number of fields or branches that exist within the concept of “Computer Science”.

  • Algorithms. The main operations used in computers.
  • data structures. Data organization has also been achieved for better understanding.


  • Mining data. Algorithms are studied to be able to process and process information from databases.

Basics of mathematics

  • Type theory. Create an analysis for each of the data.
  • Encryption. In addition, cryptography, which is algorithms to protect private data, is also used.

Scientific computing

  • Quantitative statistics. Part of computing that is based on quantum mechanics.

Programming languages ​​and compilers

  • Assemblers. A group of programs responsible for translating from high-level languages ​​to low-level languages.
  • Programming theory. In addition to the above, it was possible to create different languages ​​for algorithmic communication.

Finally, it is known that the concepts of computer science and informatics are often confused. This is evidence that they are very similar regions and that they also share many branches and regions. Like programming for example.

However, there are differences between both concepts that are worth knowing.

On the one hand, computer science has a more theoretical concept, and is also more responsible for creating new things. For example, new types of computers.

On the other hand, computing is precisely the automatic addition of information. Typically, this information automation is used to solve some type of problem.

Technology is people's ally in their daily lives. (picture information)

To merge Technology in everyday life It offers various benefits and simplifies many daily tasks. From personal and work organization through smart apps and devices, to physical and mental well-being through specialized tools and software, technology has become an essential ally.

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Likewise, it facilitates instant communication and communication with people from all over the world, breaking down geographical barriers. In addition, smart security systems provide a higher level of home comfort and protection. Adopting these technological tools can mean a push towards better time and quality of life, while opening the way to discover new opportunities and learning.