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Concordia was acquired by economics professionals for the National Sports Meeting

Concordia was acquired by economics professionals for the National Sports Meeting

Historians EL SOL-Tele5 newspaper talk to Adrian Martinez, Coordinator of the National Sports Meeting of Professionals in Economic Sciences, who provided details of how Sports Day is going in our city.

“This Thursday is the third day of the competition, but we spent four days in the vault to process the penalties because the registrations started on Monday, the team competitions started on Tuesday and the individual competitions started this Wednesday,” he began by talking about the dynamics. of activities.

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“There is an impressive development in all the sports, we are pleasantly surprised,” he expressed emotionally.

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From a tourism point of view, Martinez said that Friends who had nothing to do with the profession told us that a lot of people were seen everywhere: in supermarkets, on the streets, in restaurants, in bowling alleys.”

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Regarding Concordia as the host city, Martinez said visitors feel relaxed and happy. “There are different philosophies,” he said with a laugh: “There are those who come to play, to compete and to win, and there are those who come to enjoy the night. Hunting with some huge specimens of Dorado and I think it is a pleasant memory that those who came to participate in this specialty will take from Concordia.”

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End states

“The finals and semi-finals are held on Friday, with the exception of some disciplines that have already ended, such as swimming or athletics, which, due to the presence of many different tests, have already received final results and even medals have already been awarded to the winners,” he said of this sporting event Which has come to its last end.

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He finally commented that “the sports part ends on Friday afternoon and the conclusion will be in Bodega Robinson where the medals will be awarded for team sports. There will be a show, a party and a dance, and with that the week will end.”

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