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Summary of the match Mallorca vs Atletico Madrid (1-0).  Aguirre wins

Summary of the match Mallorca vs Atletico Madrid (1-0). Aguirre wins

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Javier Aguirre It premiered at home triumphantly, in an incredible fashion and won Mallorca 1-0 at Atletico Madrid, result against all odds; Thus, Vasco not only beats Diego Simeone In a strategy duel too Help your team get out of the relegation zone ending Seven games in a row.

A week ago, Vasco made his debut with a defeat in front of him Getafe 1-0, but at home only on Saturday was his presentation and parade with the crowd, because he was a contender fighting for the top spots, but now he is far from 57 units.

and that is Seville They are three points ahead of them in second place, with Barcelona above as the third, which has the same points as the mattress, but with two hanging toys and needless to say how far the top is left, with real madrid With 69 units.

And while Mallorca celebrates this golden victory, because it left the red zone, reaching 29 points, it rose to the seventeenth place, one point behind Cadiz who lost with Pettis; While I raised s Alaves They are in the 19th and 20th places with 22 points.

Win a penalty kick and defend the difference

Paul Maffeo Suffered a foul in the area Reneldo, who received a yellow card for that play at 66 minutes; Thus in 68′ Mallorca was charged from 11 steps and broccoli veda He was responsible for scoring the goal that would give them victory.

Which is that Aguirre knew how to stop his team’s defense well from the start of the match, so that the maximum penalty gives the three points; A common thing in Aguirre’s matches against Cholo, because they did not score more than one goal in one of their duels.

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Atlético Madrid had possession of the ball throughout the match, but Mallorca’s good standing ended up canceling him out for a golden victory.