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Antonio Briceño and Cesar Huerta fight after Chivas draw |  video

Antonio Briceño and Cesar Huerta fight after Chivas draw | video

Toluca /

pressure in chivas It increases game by game because wins are not consistent and players’ frustration becomes more apparent and this was the case with Antonio Briceno s Cesar Huertawho fought a fight at the end Duel against Toluca.

It was moments after hissing Oscar Macias He signaled the end of the match, with a one-goal draw thanks to a last-minute goal Leo Fernandezthat souls were hot in a bank, Guadalajara.

there bricino chicken He cruelly claimed his comrades, especially Chinese orchardwho grabbed him by the hair and replied with a slap in the face.

Came right away like men Raoul RangelSubstitute goalkeeper holy flockto calm and separate the quarrelsome.

The Guadalajara Didn’t find results and barely adds 14 points in 13 days of Closing 2022is currently placed 13th in the rankings, without reaching the area Appendix.

“There was a conversation in the dressing room”; Chivas anger assistant explained

Francis Xavier RoblesAssistant chivasattended a press conference to talk about the game, since he was a coach Marcelo Michel Liano He was kicked out in the last minutes of the duel. Robles explained the anger between the players and confirmed that when entering the locker room the problem arose from “frustration“.

It was everyone’s frustration, and we all ended up very unhappy. yes There were some claims abroad, But in the end now what needs to be said has been said in the locker room and it’s fine in the sense that we haven’t gotten to anything else. up there. It’s not the best, but it was frustrating because everyone Those who have played football know that sometimes one gets hot. “The two made words and in the end it all ended well,” Robles said.

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The assistant refused to talk about arbitration work Oscar Macias RomoWhich in addition to the parcel Carlos CisnerosHe was given seven minutes of compensation and was sent off firewood. This is added to the fact that he scored a penalty kick against him chivasthat it VAR revision.