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Do you miss Eddie Reynoso?  Ryan Garcia disappointed Emmanuel Tago in a lackluster fight

Do you miss Eddie Reynoso? Ryan Garcia disappointed Emmanuel Tago in a lackluster fight


American Ryan Garcia defeated Ghanaian Emmanuel Tago by unanimous decision at the Alamodome in San Antonio, United States.

Ryan Garcia was disappointed in his comeback.
© GTRyan Garcia was disappointed in his comeback.

The Alamodome in San Antonio is back Ryan Garcia in the best way against Ghanaian Emmanuel Tagoy It was a terrible victory on paper. The African was young for a young fighter who had not appeared since January 2021.

young fighter California had just defeated Luke Campbell on Jan. 1 last year after becoming the interim WBC world champion on the fast track by KO. On the other hand, the big question tonight was how the Californian cops with his new corner of Joe Gosin, following his departure from Eddie Renoso’s team.

and before him Emmanuel Tajo, Ryan Garcia He had a quiet, great comeback on a San Antonio night as he kept control of the center of the ring and always worked with the second person, always with the jab as his first.. Already in the second attack it was known where the victory would take place, since the American first sent it to the board. After that blow, the fighter Goossen attacked him in any way.

Despite this, the The Ghanaian was able to finish the fight on his feet not because of the boxing but because the American did not dare to go in search of victory in the fast lane because he respected the African punch so much and because of the lack of ideas. Find faster KO. It can be seen in the tenth when Garcia skipped the win by KO after meeting him with a hard kick, which the referee should have counted as a knockout, but he couldn’t take advantage of his lack of physical condition to go for victory.

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in this way, The fight went to the decision of the judges who saw the unanimous decision of Ryan Garcia. On the other hand, Bolavip’s cards were clear 120-107 in favor of the winner.