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Luis Diaz was in a vibrant draw between Manchester City and Liverpool - International Football - Sports

Luis Diaz was in a vibrant draw between Manchester City and Liverpool – International Football – Sports

It was a hair game, hair elusive, uncontrolled rhythm, great goals, massive passes, a two-team game, Manchester City and Liverpoolwho always play to celebrate the match, and if this time they draw 2-2, That’s because the fight was very even, first and second in the Premier League. The city is still up by one point. Liverpool will continue to wait.

If there is a team that can attack and make City suffer, it is Liverpool. If there is a player who can attack and make Liverpool suffer, it is City. So was the match. Attack against attack and that Luis Diaz It started in the bank. It was a game not to let it breathe, not to blink your eyes. Everyone who looked at the stands missed a goal. The person who looked at the court floor, suffered one.

luxury party

City wanted to order the terms of the match. To start with, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson actually saved from scoring. He was going to get a job, he was going to suffer, but from the start he said no, to what Gabriel Jesus came up with.

Manchester City vs. Liverpool.

But less than a minute later, when Liverpool were trying to shake off that homegrown attack, Kevin De Bruyne, taking advantage of a risk-taking from Bernardo Silva, and De Bruyne taking the boot With the stick, he hit the ball and inside, scored the billiards goal, and 1-0 in just 5 minutes.

Liverpool had to show their weapons. He was already injured, but he had a lot of life. There is a lot of upcoming game. And he equalized very quickly, in the 13th minute, a cross pass from Robertson, a pass behind Alexander-Arnold, and Diogo Jota, in a good position, did not fail, and ended with a 1-1 draw.

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The game was, from start to finish, that way, pure fast. 22 warriors who appear to be running on horseback, with spears and shields. The speed has not slowed down, nor will it slow down. A long pass game, very long, to search for spaces, from the passion to the maximum in each area.

There was panic on the field when City goalkeeper Ederson almost slashed his own net, a heart-stopping game, but was parried by the goalkeeper calmly after the blunder, on the edge of the goal line. Just panic.

But patterns were imposed. City became the master of the ball. Unleash massive trends. The second goal failed in the stadium of Liverpool who could not resist how to resist. De Bruyne missed the second goal in the 29th minute. A player who cannot be left alone is always left alone. His shot went too far. Then Cancelo, who was berserk on the left, had his right hand sent Alisson flying, and the ball to a corner kick. The city was a machine.

And the suffocation was so great that the second goal came, and the center of Cancelo and Gabriel Jesus appeared Like a ghost where no one expected him to break the defense line and score the lead in 37 minutes and 2-1.


Gabriel Jesus goal.

Speed ​​never went down between City and Liverpool

They took 15 minutes of rest, time to breathe, catch their breath, and grab their hearts again. Once again, the match was not inferior, one minute was enough for Liverpool to find a tie. Salah put a big pass into the void, for Mane, who looked a little, appeared as he should, not knowing how to fail, he had great definition and 2-2.

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The rest of the match was the same symphony. Light blue clarinet, red chords. Home and Away. And demand is always to the max.

In the 70th minute, Luis Diaz came in, to do his best, taking advantage of the left wing. With him on the field, Salah scored the winning goal but his shot on the way to goal miraculously hit a saving leg. Gabriel Jesus replied that he had a jigsaw, buddies, options, but decided to go out.

Then the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) attended. To be forgotten, to be the protagonist like the protagonists, and to dictate the sentence in a play to its fullest, in a misplaced eyelash by Sterling, who scored the local victory.

And in the end, when the teams did not stop running and hearts were jumping, Mahrez missed the winning goal for City, wanted luxury, and the ball won him, and it went high. And that it was. Great poetic match 2-2. But an advantage that City retains.

Paul Romero
Time Editor
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