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Summary of the America and Monterrey match (1-1).  Objectives

Summary of the America and Monterrey match (1-1). Objectives

For the second match in a row America gives up points; Now he was against Rayados, who came away with a 1-1 draw at Estadio Aztecain a match in which the Águilas team was better but was very erratic in front of Esteban Andrada's goal.

These were the goals of the America vs. Monterey

America witnessed a party of offensive errors, despite their lead in the score by a goal Diego Valdez In the 23rd minute after a good pass from Emilio Lara.

Much of America's game was due Andre Jardin It keeps taking you to your chart, The lineup has not been repeated so far in the tournament This is already starting to affect the results.

Unlike other occasions that Luis Ángel Malagon was the hero Of their team, Monterrey only had one dangerous play and that was the one that ended up being a goal Sergio Canaleshis second in the tournament and all thanks to a mistake by Emilio Lara.

The result is misleading, because despite the draw, The result should have been a victory for America In addition to the front's failures, there is something in the air A penalty kick was not scored against Agilas in the first half.

In the second half, America missed two clear shots, but those that left stifled screams It was a header from Quiñones Which went sideways when he was completely alone inside the six-yard box.

Planned, in the meantime, He had his best minutes in the last halfBut they could not find the precise pass that would give them the possibility of scoring the second goal.

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The Concachamians are coming

The Aguilas will have to face Real Estelí of Nicaragua in the CONCACAF Champions Cup in midweek and Rayados will head to Guatemala to face Comunicaciones in the same tournament.